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A Fresh and Natural Pop of Lip Color

Enhance Your Lip Shape With Beautiful Soft Color Tones!

Wake up your smile with a semi-permanent color! Master Artist Kae Mason can create a natural look of semi-permanent lip color that’s always on! No fillers and no need to spend time in the mirror getting your lips just right! Within hours she can create a beautiful and colorful smile. And… it doesn’t wear off like lipstick from a tube!  Semi-permanent lip color eliminates applying your color all day, every day… simply wake up and Smile!   facebook

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semi permanent lip procedure results

Lip liner to define shape of lips

Process of Lip Color Application and Results

semi permanent lip procedure results

“Amazing experience!! Kae was professional. kind , and a true artist in her craft. The whole process was fun and she makes you feel so comfortable and really works with you to ensure positive results. I was blown away by the change and am so happy with my micro blading results ! Even better than I had hoped for !!! Highly recommend permanent make up by Kae!” Susan F.


Lip Color with Liner: $540  |  Liner Only: $360

~Miscellaneous 1 year touch up: $200/hr.

Semi-Permanent Full Lip Color and Lip Liner

Add fullness and symmetry to your lips with a soft and natural tone. A blend of different shades of pink can make them look like you just applied a fresh coat of lipstick. Think how easy your morning routine will be!

Only want a delicate outline? Kae can accentuate your beautiful smile with a soft colored outline that defines the shape of your lips.

Ever counted all the times a day you put your lipstick on? As soon as you eat a meal, it’s gone again.  Imagine if you never had to do that again! Or… imagine going once a year to get a touch up! Now imagine the cost of all those tubes of expensive lipsticks gone, what will you do with all your money?

Kae’s Gallery of Semi-Permanent Lip Color

Click on first image for a slide show of Kae’s work.