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Draw Attention To Your Beautiful Eyes. . .

with Semi-Permanent eyeliner by Kae.

Accentuate Your Eyes with a Flawless Lash Line that Looks Natural and Won’t Smudge!

Master Artist Kae Mason will create the look you want with a color that works best with your eyes. Within hours she can create a beautiful lash line that completes the look of full lashes! Semi-permanent eyeliner eliminates all the fuss of applying each day… simply wake up and you’re good to go! facebook

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Semi-Permanent Eyeliner  –  The Choices Are Endless

Accentuate your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner. Consult with Kae to create the look you want and choose the color that works best with your eyes. Within hours she can create a flawless lash line that looks natural and won’t smudge amidst your tears, humidity or washing your face. A dream come true!!

Goldeneye Organic Pigments give us a lot of possibilities. Change it up, use a different color for the top lid liner and use a black liner for the lower lid. 

Latina eye liner: The liner on the outer corners of the eyes comes to a dramatic point flattering different eye shapes. Get the look today and join the resurgence of a popular style from the 1950s.


Top Lid: $460

Bottom Lid: $300

Top & Bottom Combo: $560

Miscellaneous 1 year touch up: $200/hr.

Do something wonderful for yourself today….. schedule Kae for Semi-Permanent Eyeliner.
Professionally drawn once and you’re good to go every day!

Kae’s Gallery of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Results

Click on first image for a slide show of Kae’s work.