Permanent Makeup

Enjoy the carefree beauty of permanent makeup!


Full Lip Color and Lip Liner

Refresh/renew your features

Permanent eye liner

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Draw Attention to your beautiful eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner applied by Kae.

Accentuate your eyes with semi-permanent eyeliner. Consult with Kae to create the look you want and choose the color that works best with your eyes. Within hours she can create a flawless lash line that looks natural and won’t smudge amidst your tears, humidity or washing your face. A dream come true!!


~Top Lid: 380

~Lower Lid: 160 with top lid / 300 by itself

Examples of semi-permanent eyeliner by Kae.

Lip Color

Semi-Permanent Full Lip Color and Lip Liner

Get a ready-to-go natural and fresh look!

Add fullness and symmetry to your lips with a soft and natural tone. A blend of different shades of pink can make them look like you just applied a fresh coat of lipstick. Think how easy getting out the door in the morning will be.


~Lip Color with Liner: 580

~Liner Only: 360

permanent lip color and lip liner

Process of Lip Color application and results.

Microbladed Lip color before and after

semi permanent lip procedure results


repair and replenish faded microblading

Refresh and Renew your features

The use of symmetry is a key to Kae’s success!

Already have eyebrows that have been microbladed? Get them refreshed if it’s within one year since your last service. Need to renew a botched microblade? There are a number of salons that perform permanent makeup, however, only a handful are certified and experienced in giving a consistent application every time. If not applied properly you can be wearing something you don’t like for quite a few months, regretting the whole encounter! Kae is happy to consult with you about your previous application and discuss what she can do to help fix the problem. Call today to consult with Kae. 603-225-099.

Repairing Faded Eyebrow Tattoos

permanent makeup by kae permanent eyeliner and lip color

permanent eyeliner and lip color in Concord

microblading in Concord

permanent makeup in Concord