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Trust Kae Mason, your certified Goldeneye Micropigmentation artist!

Micropigmentation to Revitalize and Repair Specific Problem Areas


The Use Of Symmetry Is A Key To Kae’s Success!

Already have eyebrows that have been microbladed? Get them refreshed if it’s within one year since your last service. Need to renew a botched microblade? There are a number of salons that perform permanent makeup, however, only a handful are certified and experienced in giving a consistent application every time. If not applied properly you can be wearing something you don’t like for quite a few months, regretting the whole encounter! Kae is happy to consult with you about your previous application and discuss what she can do to help fix the problem. Call today to consult with Kae. 603-225-0099.

repair and replenish faded microblading

Repairing Faded Eyebrow Tattoos

I highly recommend Kae if you want professional service & perfect eyebrows! She is amazing!! I went in with botched eyebrows & now they are perfect! Couldn’t be happier!! ~ Kaitlin Sullivan

Success With Paramedical Camouflage for Vitiligo !

The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown. It is believed to be due to genetic susceptibility that is triggered by an environmental factor such that an autoimmune disease occurs. This results in the destruction of skin pigment cells. Risk factors include a family history of the condition or other autoimmune diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, alopecia areata, and pernicious anemia. It is not contagious.


Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. The patches of skin affected become white and usually have sharp margins. Vitiligo sufferers often have psychological stress and many times are affected by the disapproval of other people because of their skin condition.
Skin Camouflage
There is no known cure for vitiligo. For those with light skin and in mild cases, sunscreen and makeup have typically been recommended as a camouflage. If the affected person is pale-skinned, the patches can be made less visible by avoiding tanning of unaffected skin.

There may be another alternative. With our certified micropigmentation methods we have had great success getting closer to the client’s actual skin color. See for yourself in the images below.
Kae’s Before And After Results…
Kae Mason, certified artist of Goldeneye Micropigmentation is now offering Paramedical blending to help vitiligo sufferers. Click on first image for a larger view.
Paramedical camouflage: $200/hr.

Paramedical and Vitiligo Skin Camouflage

permanent makeup by kae permanent eyeliner and lip color

permanent eyeliner and lip color in Concord

microblading in Concord

permanent makeup in Concord