Get the look of perfectly shaped eyebrows!

Certified Goldeneye Micropigmentation Artist, Kae Mason

Get the arch everyone dreams of. Want the eyebrows you had years ago? Call us for a consultation.

Microbladed Eyebrows

Bring more attention to your face with beautiful microbladed eyebrows.

This semi-permanent makeup is applied manually with a specialized microblade that penetrates the upper 0.5mm of the client’s skin. The micropigmentation is basically tatooed into the upper layer of skin, filling in and creating the desired look of full and luscious eyebrows. The effects last up to 18 months at which time the pigment begins to fade, leaving the original shape of your natural brows. The advantage of microblading is beautiful, realistic eyebrows that are waterproof, smudgeproof and simply gorgeous.

The Goldeneye Micropigmentation Process

Fabulous and full, our goal is to create the eyebrows you had when you were young.

The process begins with a discussion about the eyebrow styles that are available to you. Kae will show you the different color inks available to match your facial coloring to create that completely natural look. Once the decision is made, careful measurements and symmetrical lines are drawn to make the outline in which Kae works.

microbladed eyebrow process

Within Hours You Can Have Full Eyebrows Again!

Get a ready-to-go natural and fresh look!

Kae uses single passes systematically, on each eyebrow, to create fabulous results. Her commitment to her clients is a stylish microbladed eyebrow that is carefree and natural looking. She includes a free touch up after 30 days with the purchase of a full set of eyebrows.


~Hand Created Eyebrows: Full Set/$540-Includes free touch up after 30 days

~Yearly Boost (Micro Touch Up at 1 year): $260

See our work in the gallery below.